Mi poesía no busca belleza
Ni busca razón.
Sólo vuestra sugerencia...
Y moveros en alguna pasión.


Time after Time
A sinister word that
Is better avoided in life.

We fight to survive as
We are in this world;
But we cannot choose,
How much time
We want to stay
In this ethereal earth
Covered by mud.


The globe will fill of
Darkness, obscurity and confusion
And we will be all submerged
Under the forces of revealing spirits in fusion.

This evil will cause us
An enormous harm
Covering with sorrow
Our faces, hopes and hands.

Only we will be able
To remember in mind
An old Latin proverb,
Told in an Ancient time:

"Tempus Fugit; Memento Mori"!


Please, don't lose your Time And Live not Die!